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Meredith Jaffé is an author, presenter and facilitator. Her experience includes four years as the literary critic for the online women’s magazine, The Hoopla, writing the weekly column, The Bookshelf. Her reviews, author interviews, feature articles and oped pieces have appeared in The Hoopla, Australian Author, Guardian Australia, Huffington Post and Mamma Mia.


Meredith has written two novels - The Fence (2016) and The Making of Christina (2017). Horse Warrior is the first in her new middle grade series.


Meredith is a Festival Director for Storyfest, a storytelling festival on Australia's New South Wales south coast featuring Australia's finest fiction, non-fiction, songwriting and film-making creatives.


Meredith regularly facilitates events at writers’ festivals, including Sydney, Newcastle and St Albans Writers Festivals. She volunteers at The Footpath Library, running the annual EPIC! short story competition for school children.


Meredith is has facilitated panels & interviews at Sydney Writer's Festival & Newcastle Writer's Festival among others. If you would like to book her for your next literary event, contact her here.

About Meredith Jaffé

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